Community Guidelines

Rockford Woods is a Planned Development in the City of Cincinnati and was built in two phases. Chapter 1429 of the Cincinnati Municipal Code, which requires an Home Owners Association, is dedicated entirely to Planned Developments and their requirements.

Our covenants and restrictions, and ongoing maintenance for common areas within the development are specific items that must be approved by the Zoning Commission and recorded so that the development complies with local laws.

For more details please review the HOA By-laws and the Covenants and Restrictions.

Oh, know... Rules

Our Covenants and Restrictions Highlights

Here are highlights from the Covenants and Restrictions. You can be fined with additional costs for many of these violations.

  1. You are required to pay yearly HOA dues.
  2. Noise. Please keep noise levels to a minimum in order not to bother other residents. (9.1.3)
  3. Signs. No yard signs are permitted except for the following: Realtor Sales, Builder Marketing, Street Signs by City or HOA, Security Company and Political Signs. (9.1.4)
  4. No Businesses. No home is permitted to be used a business establishment. (9.1.5)
  5. Trash. No Burning, No accumulation. No containers should be in public view except for trash collection day. (9.1.6)
  6. Parking, Vehicle Repairs. Only in garages and driveways. (9.1.7)
  7. Animals. Raising, keeping, boarding of animals for commercial purposes is not permitted. (9.1.8)
  8. Open Fires. Open burning is not permitted. Please use outdoor fireplaces, chimneys, grills with screens. (9.1.9)
  9. Radio and Television Antennas. You must have your antennas 1 meter or less in size and have written approval from the HOA board. (9.2.8)
  10. Awnings. Not permitted. (9.2.1)
  11. Front Storage. No front porch storage is permitted of any kind. (9.2.7)
  12. Exterior Carpet. Not permitted. (9.2.11)
  13. Fences.  Need to have HOA written approval before erecting. (9.2.12)
  14. Other Structures. Shed and other property structures need to have HOA written approval before erecting. (9.2.13)
  15. Pools and Spas. Pools and spas must have HOA written approval before erecting. Above-ground pools are not permitted. (9.2.14)
  16. Clothes Drying. No cloths drying outside of any kind. (9.2.15)
  17. Lot Maintenance. Lot must be kept mowed and free from debris and clutter. (9.2.17)

If you are sure after reading the HOA By-Laws and the Covenants & Restrictions, please make sure you ask the board.